Official 1vs1 e-mail address

  • we[at]1vs1[dot]bzflag[dot]net

Official forum

Administrative authorities

  • Zongo (league founder)
  • catay (plug-in development, match reporting)
  • strayer (plug-in communication, web page, match reporting)

1vs1 Gofers

All players listed below have extended 1vs1 server permissions (adminMessageReceive, [un]mute, kick, superKill, [short][Un]Ban, banlist, playerlist) as some of you might know it from so called "BZCops". If you notice a player who is cheating or shows any other kind of improper behaviour you are welcome to contact one of the 1vs1 League Gofers to check the situation.
Most of them (not all) will have the well known callsign marker @ on 1vs1 servers to signalize their special privileges.